Mar 13, 2021

My talks on JavaLand 2021

I am giving two talks on JavaLand 2021. One is Quarkus deep dive for Extension authors and the second one is about integrating systems with Apache Camel on Quarkus, Knative and Kafka Connect.

Will my library or framework work on Quarkus (and GraalVM)?

Wednesday March 17th 09:00 - 09:40 in Schauspielhaus, see JavaLand Schedule

Abstract: Let’s unveil the magic behind Quarkus! Quarkus makes fast boot times and low memory consumption of Java applications possible thanks to a technique called Compile time boot. Quarkus extensions are its main building blocks. They optimize applications by doing as much work as possible at compile time instead of repeating it on each boot. This may include tasks like parsing configuration files, annotation lookups, building framework metamodel, etc. We will explain how Quarkus extensions work by writing one from scratch. You will be guided through several typical problems and their solutions that occur when porting libraries and frameworks to Quarkus and GraalVM. The talk is aimed at potential authors and contributors of Quarkus extensions as well as everybody curious about Quarkus internals.

Integrating systems in the age of Quarkus, Knative and Kafka

Wednesday March 17th 17:00 - 17:40 in Quantum, see JavaLand Schedule

Abstract: Apache Camel has been the Swiss knife of integrating heterogeneous systems for more than a decade. Let’s check how the humpy ungulate adapts to the newest changes in the environment!

Apache Camel integrations written on top of Quarkus start in a matter of milliseconds and consume just a few tens of megabytes of RAM. We will explain the technology and show a live demo including the famous Quarkus dev mode.

Then you will learn how the outstanding integration capabilities of Apache Camel enrich the serverless architectures based on Knative. We will touch topics like auto-scaling and scaling to zero as well as content based routing of cloud events.

Finally, we will introduce the youngest member of the Camel family: the Camel Kafka Connector. It brings the possibility to scalably and reliably stream data between Apache Kafka and the 300+ kinds of systems supported by Apache Camel. We will clarify the underlying concepts and show how to use it.


I am looking forward to see you there!

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