A software engineer at Red Hat Integration, working mostly on Apache Camel Quarkus.
Coauthor of mvnd (Maven Daemon), srcdeps (source dependencies for Maven and Gradle) and ec4j (EditorConfig for Java).
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Apr 7, 2021  •  Quarkus Insights  •  Slides
Writing Quarkus extensions

Mar 17, 2021  •  JavaLand  •  Slides
Will my lib or framework work on Quarkus (and GraalVM)?

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Mar 13, 2021
My talks on JavaLand 2021

I am giving two talks on JavaLand 2021. One is Quarkus deep dive for Extension authors and the second one is about integrating systems with Apache Camel on Quarkus, Knative and Kafka Connect. Read more...

Mar 6, 2021
How to compile and install Stunt Rally on Fedora

Stunt Rally is an open source racing game, one of a few available for Linux. It caught the attention of my son because it supports network mutiplayer mode as well as split screen multiplayer mode. As of writing this, there does not seem to exist an RPM package. There are SNAP and Flatpack packages which I have not tried. If you do not want those for any reason, you might find this compilation guide useful. Read more...

Feb 16, 2021
Grouping Quarkus extension tests for faster execution

Testing is a substantial ingredient of software quality. Projects producing Quarkus extensions are not an exception. While testing on traditional JVMs is rather fast and well understood, testing GraalVM native executables brings new challenges, especially because it takes long: It is one or more minutes for common test projects that we have in Camel Quarkus. Multiply it with our ~300 extensions and you end up with tens of hours for a single pass of the CI. Let’s discuss some ways how to speed up the native testing, esp. by merging several test modules into a single test module. Read more...