Feb 12, 2024

Await all artifacts from a release on Maven Central

I often release Maven projects with many artifacts, such as Camel Quarkus and Quarkus CXF. The release process consists of several steps, including

  • Upload of the artifacts, to a staging repository at oss.sonatype.org

  • Closing the staging repository

  • Releasing the staging repository

If all runs smoothly, will all the freshly released artifacts be available on Maven Central immediately?

Unfortunately, no. The delay may count from a few tens of minutes to a few hours.

Moreover the synchronization between oss.sonatype.org and Maven Central is not atomic. There are points in time, when part of your artifacts is available on Central already but the rest is not there yet.

What can you do, when you are in a hurry, because you e.g. need to release a dependent project or you just want to announce the new release?

I haven not found any tool for that, so I have written one.

How it works

My Maven plugin basically compares the set of artifacts in your local repository with Maven Central. So to be able to use it, you need to build from the release tag locally first.

This is not an issue of you have released from the same machine, e.g. using mvn release:prepare release:perform. In that case the tag is built locally within the release process.

If you released from a different machine, such as CI, then you have to checkout the tag and build it locally. For Quarkus CXF, it would be something like

$ git fetch upstream
 * [new tag]                 3.8.0  -> 3.8.0
$ git reset --hard 3.8.0
$ mvn clean install -DskipTests

After that, you should see some 3.8.0 artifacts in your local Maven repository:

$ find ~/.m2/repository/io/quarkiverse/cxf -type d -name 3.8.0

Now you have everything in place to run the await-release Maven mojo:

$ mvn org.l2x6.cq:cq-maven-plugin:1.1.0:await-release -Dcq.version=3.8.0

If you want to await the latest release, and let git figure out which one it is, you can do the following:

$ cd quarkus-cxf
$ mvn org.l2x6.cq:cq-maven-plugin:1.1.0:await-release -Dcq.version=$(git describe --tags `git rev-list --tags --max-count=1`)

It will first report 404s for non-available artifacts

[INFO] Awaiting 58 artifacts in https://repo1.maven.org/maven2
[INFO] 1/58 Got 404 for https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/io/quarkiverse/cxf/quarkus-cxf-woodstox-parent/3.8.0/quarkus-cxf-woodstox-parent-3.8.0.pom
[INFO] 2/58 Got 404 for https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/io/quarkiverse/cxf/quarkus-cxf-test-util/3.8.0/quarkus-cxf-test-util-3.8.0.pom
[INFO] 3/58 Got 404 for https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/io/quarkiverse/cxf/quarkus-cxf-rt-ws-rm/3.8.0/quarkus-cxf-rt-ws-rm-3.8.0.pom

It waits a minute (configurable) after iterating over all artifacts and then tries them all anew.

After some time, you should start seeing some 200s for artifacts that freshly arrived to Maven Central:

[INFO] Awaiting 58 artifacts in https://repo1.maven.org/maven2
[INFO] 1/58 Got 200 for https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/io/quarkiverse/cxf/quarkus-cxf-woodstox-parent/3.8.0/quarkus-cxf-woodstox-parent-3.8.0.pom
[INFO] 2/58 Got 200 for https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/io/quarkiverse/cxf/quarkus-cxf-test-util/3.8.0/quarkus-cxf-test-util-3.8.0.pom
[INFO] 3/58 Got 200 for https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/io/quarkiverse/cxf/quarkus-cxf-rt-ws-rm/3.8.0/quarkus-cxf-rt-ws-rm-3.8.0.pom

Once all artifacts are available on Maven Central, the script exits.

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time:  15:43 min

Happy releasing!

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