Jan 8, 2021

mvnd tip: Shortcuts

I am starting to write these tips as a base for the future mvnd documentation. Today about keystrokes supported in the mvnd client UI.

+/- to reveal/hide rolling log lines for the individual builder threads

If you are building a multimodule source tree, whose internal dependencies allow for building some modules in parallel, mvnd will by default choose the threaded view (as opposed to the rolling view known from the stock Maven). This view will normally show a single status line for each builder thread containing the artifactId of the module being build along with the currently executed Maven mojo.

If you want to see the rolling log messages for each thread, hit ` one or more times. Press `-` to hide them again. I am hitting three times ` and three times - in this video:

Pressing three times plus and three times minus in a build with 5 threads

You can pass your preferred rolling window size using -Dmvnd.rollingWindowSize=3 on the command line or you can store it permanently in ~/.m2/mvnd.properties:

mvnd.rollingWindowSize = 3

CTRL+B to toggle between threaded and rolling views

If you do not like the default threaded view for some reason, you can switch to the rolling view and back by hitting CTRL+B:

Toggling between threaded and rolling views via CTRL+B

You can pass -Dmvnd.noBuffering on the command line to start with the rolling view or you can store your preference permanently in ~/.m2/mvnd.properties:

mvnd.noBuffering = true
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